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At Global Trends, our prime goal is to help retail, hospitality/restaurant, and commercial architecture places. We have achieved decent expertise in providing pleasing environments to these places by understanding the owner’s vision. We work directly with restaurant owners and in the hospitality arena. We understand the importance of functional space for both guests and owners. Our primary goal is to implement a new approach and developing a brand that is cohesive and unified with elegance and aristocracy. All our efforts are to concretize your business place successfully functional.

Global Trends is synonymous to a blend of modernization with splendid visual appeal to restaurants, hospitality centers and other commercial places. All the interior decorative items like; resin panel, wall panel, metal drapery etc. that we deal with are exclusively available only to us and installed by us as well. We also provide flooring solutions that provide a stunning approach to the atmosphere. We are available in most parts of USA and New York, California, Chicago is to name a few of the states. You can get in touch with us at this number: 316-361-0803/888-362-3443 (toll free) from cities like Washington, Ohio, Michigan, Las Vegas, Seattle etc. as well. You can also feel free to contact us through our official e-mail:

Resin Panels

Resin Panels by Global Trends
Thoughtful design not only transforms space and décor, it can have a positive impact on  

Wall Panels

Wall Panels by Global Trends
All Global Trends carved panels are warp and color resistant, moisture proof and easily install  

Metal Drapery

Metal Drapery by Global Trends
Metal drapery, screen, and coil mesh has been used in building decoration materials, which are  

LED Products

LED Products by Global Trends
Want to spruce up your space but don't have a large remodeling budget? Consider updating your  


Tiles by Global Trends
Coordinate your look with tile from Global Trends. We can supply a wide range of products for  


Glass by Global Trends
Consider Global Trends for all your decorative glass needs. If you’re looking for etched  


Lighting by Global Trends
Lighting is the perfect finishing touch for any project. Global Trends offers lighting systems  


Furniture by Global Trends
Global Trends offers furniture to suit every taste - from classic furniture to contemporary fur  


Hardware by Global Trends
Let your decor take center stage with hardware from Global Trends. Our hardware solutions are